In The Spotlight.

There are now CCUIs in many parts of the world!

Our first #CCUIspotlight is Karin Roelofsma from the Netherlands.

Hello Karin, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your school?

“Hi, my name is Karin Roelofsma and I am the owner of the Jolige Groentjes (Jolly Green’s) Dog School.

The name came about because of a blog I wrote at the time, and the ‘jolly greens’ were and are my dog ​​pack – Eight Belgian Shepherds (Groenendaeler).

For as long as I can remember, I have loved dogs and have been training them for over 40 years. For 30+ years I have been using clicker training. “

How did you first become interested in CU?

“I first used ‘Control Unleashed’ (CU) when a dog of mine had ‘Osteochondritis Dissecans’ (OCD/OD) in both shoulders, poor socialisation skills and couldn’t get along with other dogs. I searched for some advice, and that’s how I found CU with Leslie McdeVitt. I immediately bought all of the books & DVDs. From there, I went on to follow all of the online courses from Leslie for CCUI – and became a Certified Instructor.”

What aspect of CU most influences your training?

“My greatest takeaway from the training is, ‘Look At That’ (LAT) and ‘Take A Breath’ (TAB). This has been the best combination for my dogs ​​and still is for many of my students.”

Can you share any CU projects you are currently working on?

“Currently, I have a few projects that I am working on and towards, as well as many ‘aha’ moments!

My latest big project ‘Relax on Cue’ was a COVID-19 project, where I launched my own CU related course for free and found a good way to reach more people online. My lessons are now a combination of ‘Live’ and ‘Online’, because this formula is most effective for my students.”


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